Patient Testimonials

We take great pride in our patients and our success is in our patient’s satisfaction with our services.


“It was a memorable experience and I was made as comfortable as possible. Mr Naik and the staff involved were just lovely. I was very much involved in the decision making process and was always kept fully informed” 



“Mr Naik is the most amazing doctor I’ve ever known, and the staff are amazing – they are very caring and attentive”



“Having children can be a wonderful experience but pregnancy can have a lasting impact on the body – particularly the appearance of unsightly and painful varicose veins. Mr Naik was awesome. He was comforting and reassuring. He’s very relaxed in his approach, which is perfect for me as I was quite anxious about the procedure. I have recommended him to others and two friends have also had treatment with him and his team”  



“The team cooperates very well and that(synergy) includes the patient. Even now, if I have a problem I call Rachel (Nurse) and she will liaise with Mr Naik and the medical team and get back to me very quickly. It’s a very fluid relationship where the patient is always involved” 



“I had excellent care from the team. Jo (Sonographer) performed a scan and then I had Micro Sclerotherapy. It was very fast treatment: walk in, have the treatment, then walk out wearing fabulous compression socks. The patient care and information provided fantastic. I know it’s not a quick fix and can take up to six months to remedy but within six weeks of treatment I was in Rarotonga wearing a bikini and shorts, something I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before”